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Trust the experienced professionals from At The Top Roofing Co in Pleasanton, California, for all your commercial roofing needs. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, the team at our roofing contractor has the know-how to complete your job to your specifications.


Like painting a car, proper surface preparation is the critical step in roof coatings. Whatever you don't take care of in the surface preparation will show up later as a big and potentially very costly mistake when roof leaks cause damage. Proper planning for your roof coatings project will keep quality up and costs down.

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Roof coatings system planning looks at:
  • Type of Surface
  • Proper Surface Preparation
  • Thickness of the Base Coat
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Protection Requirements
  • Topcoat Choices & Thicknesses
  • Application Methods

liquid applied roofing Products

At the Top Roofing Co is an approved applicator of RMI Roofing Products. Thousands of commercial and industrial building owners, facility managers, engineers, architects and roofing contractors have long trusted the RMI Roofing Products to recover, restore, or repair low-slope metal roofs. If you are looking to save money over years. At The Top Roofing Co can help extend the life of your commercial or Industrial roof by applying the RMI Roofing system. They will prep your old roof by pressure washing and cleaning, next will apply a thin coating of Garna-Prime Application, then apply a Garna-Flex coating to give it a thick water proof membrane, and lastly a radiant barrier application to give it an energy efficient roof. This will reflect the sun beam and keep the roof cooler and extend the life of the roof. Our technician will do a thorough examination to make sure it passes our high standard. Your new roof will go through several years of wear and tear from the weather. The only thing you have to do is re-apply another coating of the radiant barrier for a low cost to extend additional life of your roof. That is it. This will keep the cost down and keep your money in your pocket. Call for more information. We will be glad to come out and give you a full presentation.
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